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"I can't recommend Janet highly enough. We love her services so much we have had a massage every week for over 2 years now. She is the full package--excellent massage, caring, and compassionate. Each massage is tailored to your unique needs, and you can really feel the difference afterwards!"  J.M.

Janet is simply THE BEST!

She really cares about you and I have been to a lot of massage therapists and JANET IS THE GREATEST of them all! I recommend them to all my friends an anyone who wants an exceptional massage."  W.L.

"Janet is a dream--she will work with you and help to target pain and help relieve stress. She's the best around. Comes to your house! Highly recommend!"   H

"Janet is an amazing healer! My friend and I booked in house massages while on vacation and she did not disappoint. She was right on time, professional, and informative throughout our entire time together. She went above and beyond by adding infrared, gua sha, and magnesium to the session for no extra charge. Her touch was perfect and I felt so comfortable in her hands. I will be booking with her every time we come to Michigan for vacation. A true gem!"   A.E.

"Janet's services are phenomenal. Powerful healing techniques. Relaxing atmosphere. Professional. Highly recommended." --Kathy T.

"One of the best massages I have ever had! Janet hit all the right pressure points to alleviate my sore, achy muscles. I felt amazing after she was finished with the session." --Mary H.

“Finally, I can enjoy food in a normal way! Thank you Janet, for helping me heal.” –Leslie

"Thank you for your wonderful healing. The Reiki is so powerful and I'm so happy to have you in my life." --Charlene

“You have helped me more in one session than in three years of therapy. Thank you!” –Fran

“My cravings are gone! And I can stick to my exercise plan. Thank you Janet Brown!” –Alan


I "found" Janet online and was blown away by her credentials. I had no CLUE that someone so well trained would be in the Holland area. I was even more stunned when I met her ... she is so extraordinarily gentle and her intuitive nature leaks out w/out her saying a word.

Having had some challenging experiences I don't easily trust people but I COMPLETELY trust Janet, to the point that I became open to areas and methods of healing I previously had been closed to.

I have chronic Lyme disease and have spent the past six years trying not to die. How I wish I had met Janet sooner and better prepared my body/soul/mind for the healing process. That being said, I am now off all antibiotics and am EXCITED for what my future brings. So much of is due to Janet's skillful guidance and love.

I will be forever grateful. Like forever.  –R.J.

Awesome healing place! Highly recommend. Very well educated to help people in many ways.   --S.F.

I feel blessed to proudly proclaim that Janet is my healer and has helped my body, mind and soul this year. I have gotten massages and use the Bach flower remedies. Janet has so many gifts of healing to share with the world and I have only scratched the surface. if you have any area to be healed, Janet is your girl!!! Her vast knowledge and wisdom of so many practices makes her a great 'go-to' healer.  –Patty

Janet is truly magically! She definitely has a special gift and a kind nature that really helps you relax. Forever grateful for her work! Will be going to her again. Also, her prices don't cost and arm and a leg!!   F.S.

Janet is an amazing person and healer. We purchased a rescue remedy for stress relief for our 13 year old chocolate lab, Trixie. It helps so much!! Trixie has had a very very active life as a family dog, growing up with our 2 kids and my husbands goose/duck hunting partner. She has severe arthritis in her spine and hips so she hasn't been able to walk very well these past few years. Also, within the last year or 2, she's become pretty much completely deaf. At the beginning of this summer, Trixie was having a rough time. She did nothing but lay around and bark, bark, bark, bark. Nothing we did helped. Then a friend gave us a partial bottle of the rescue remedy that Janet makes. WOW! What a difference! Now she just chills quietly outside. Unless there's people around lol, then she barks for attention. But this isn't all. Recently Trixie was run over by a truck. She spent a couple days at the vet with a broken hip. She's home now, but is experiencing a lot of pain and discomfort. Janet stopped by to see her yesterday, which was awesome. Like I said, she's an amazing person. She also told us of other products that she has that will help Trixie. You'd better believe we will be getting in touch with her again. Thank you so much Janet, for everything you do.  --Jamie

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