Therapeutic  Massage

Basic Swedish Massage-- Relaxing and gentle. Helps reduce stress and ease minor muscle pain.  $65 per hour   $35 per half hour

Special Summer Holiday Prices!

Deep tissue massage is $70/hour

Relaxing is $60/hour

Save $5

Deep Tissue Massage-- Deeper work helps loosen "knots" and attacks the "crunchies"!  More intense, but I will not go into pain or cause further trauma.  Helps the body get rid of toxins and ease muscle pain, especially chronic pain.   $85 per hour  $45 per half hour

Lymphatic Drainage Massage-- Light work focusing on aiding the pumping action of the body's natural lymph system to aid in detoxification and movement of lymphatic fluid to be released by the body's natural system.  $110 to $130 per 90 minutes.

Women only.


I offer on-site massage so that you can relax in your own home after receiving your massage. I also can see you in my massage room.

Janet Brown has been a certified massage therapist since 1996 and utilizes intuitive techniques to give her clients the best massage suited to their individual needs.

"there is not a better person in all of michigan that you could have as your therapist. janet is so widely versed in so many varied practices that you are sure to have wondrous experiences."

I feel blessed to proudly proclaim that Janet is my healer and has helped my body, mind and soul this year. I have gotten massages and use the Bach flower remedies. Janet has so many gifts of healing to share with the world and I have only scratched the surface. if you have any area to be healed, Janet is your girl!!! Her vast knowledge and wisdom of so many practices makes her a great 'go-to' healer.  –Patty

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